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Hello. Antic has been present for over 4 years. We make the best for all our customers.

Ever wanted to live in a merchant house in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, well now you can with The Antic Galle Fort Collection of historic houses. From the moment you step through thehand painted doorway of the owners home turned into a hotel, you will feel the energy of this magical hidden spot, where fort life remains unchanged for centuries. Antic’s first merchant house, a rich tapestry of colours and home to hand made jewellery is four-bedroom with ensuite bathrooms complete with stag horns to hang your bath towels on. This is one of many reminders of the fort’s recent colonial past perfectly setting the scene of historic Galle Fort with its amazing shutters that took artist Mueen Saheed 1000 hours to do. 

Each one an inspiration from the incredible 400 years of living history and brilliantly captures the voodoo of the location. Across the road along a small alley way you will discover NO 64 with its wonderful Juliet balcony room overlooking Leyn Baan Street opposite Serendipity Cafe.

Watch and listen to the clatter of old singer bikes mixed with the sounds of the sea which is all part of the joy of staying inside the old city walls. The spacious room with bathroom full of lots of quirky features including ropes reflecting one of the many things the Dutch produced during their time of occupation on Leyn Baan Street, which literally translated means rope street. Whether it be the charming two bedroom villa or sweet suite at 42 Hospital Street with huge balcony overlooking the historic rampart walls, ocean and harbor this portfolio of properties has something for everyone and includes a merchant feast of a breakfast both eastern and western.

Whether it’s sipping cinnamon or mint tea with Liyaudeen Saliy the manager who was born in the fort regaling tales of the old cities ever changing history over wonderful Sri Lankan hoppers and tropical fruit platter. It will not be long before you feel fully immersed in this idyllic spot with its lavish uses of azure blues, bright reds and vibrant green colors. You can even see the left over coral and shells that came from the original trading ship’s ballast in the Antic corridor courtyard, where alchemy takes place daily with hand made masterpieces created in gold and silver.

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